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As you prepare to greet your precious addition, you likely have many questions about what’s happening in your body and what childbirth will be like. You may wonder what your little one is experiencing inside you or how can you use your time during pregnancy to develop a strong and lasting bond with your baby. What can you do to help your child have the best start in life? What kind of birth experience will be best for you and for your baby? How can you prepare for the birth you’ve always wanted?

A BEBE childbirth education class can help you answer your questions and realize  the birth of your dreams!

BEBE childbirth education classes, developed by Dr. Jill Diana Chasse, help you and your partner create ways to bond with your little one while preparing for a magical birth experience! Emphasizing the normalcy of the birth process, BEBE assists the expectant couple to rehearse relaxation and visualization techniques, labor movement and physical support, to understand biological birthing processes and to plan for a gentle welcome for their baby. BEBE child birth education classes are a complete course on their own, covering the third trimester, labor, delivery and the immediate postpartum period along with the emotional and psychological experiences birth has on the whole family. However,  because BEBE has a unique focus on the baby/parental bond, it can also be used along side other popular childbirth courses such as Lamaze, Bradley, Hypnobabies, Birthing from Within, and Hypnobirthing.

Join us as we explore your baby’s experiences of pregnancy and birth and as we support and encourage a healthy, fulfilling birth experience for your whole family– baby included!

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To find a Certified BEBE Educator in your local area, or to discuss becoming a Certified BEBE Educator, please contact us at  bebechildbirth@yahoo.com

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