What’s the BEBE Distinctive?

There are many childbirth education classes on the market today. Parents can choose from a wide variety of courses- there are even some that may be taken from home! So, what makes a BEBE class special? What is unique about this kind of training?

A BEBE childbirth class takes the best evidence-based findings from various kinds of childbirth theory and offers a comprehensive review of that information. In a BEBE class, you’ll understand how your body was meant to birth, how our culture often impacts your birth experience and how to make informed decisions about what kind of birth is best for you and your baby. A BEBE childbirth class also offers plenty experiential learning opportunities including guided relaxation and visualization techniques that may be used throughout pregnancy and during labor and hands-on labor comfort techniques and rehearsals.

As wonderful as these things are, they aren’t what sets BEBE apart from other childbirth education options. The defining aspect of a BEBE childbirth education is the inclusion of the BABY! In a BEBE class, the baby is viewed as a vital and present member of your family. BEBE classes focus equally on mom’s AND baby’s emotional, social and physical needs during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum.

And what about Dad? In a BEBE birth, dad is an integral part of helping to create a warm, supportive, protective environment for mom and baby to enjoy this birth experience. BEBE classes help empower fathers as it welcomes them into the prenatal experience, encouraging them to bond with their child prior to delivery and giving dads the tools they need to feel comfortable and confident when supporting their partner in the foreign world of the birthing room.

A BEBE childbirth education views the birth of your child as the continuance of your relationship with your baby. We believe that a BEBE birth positions families to enjoy strong, bonded, attached relationships into their future!

What are people saying about a BEBE childbirth education?

“As a psychologist, BEBE certification has changed my perspective regarding birthing. I’m more aware now; I’m more focused about the role and needs of the baby and how important is to create the perfect harmony between mommy and child from the very beginning.” ~Dr. Fermina Liza Román, Puerto Rico

“The BEBE method reminds me everyday of the miracle of life. If you see it otherwise, we would be seeds in the ground… It seems to be the only way to see pregnancy and birth and to understand how life goes on…”  ~Eleni Karatabani, Athens, Greece

“Very informative and loved the information on hypnobirthing and understanding the consciousness of babies.  I have a few pamphlets from Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and it talks about “talking  with babies”.  I’ve used these suggestions and principles a lot w/ both my children.  Even though my son may not talk back to me, I’ve given him time to respond in whatever way he feels he can.  It definitely makes me feel calmer overall.  Thanks a bunch. “ ~Ilse, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Doula, New Mexico.   

“I thought that the content was profound and inspiring.  I find that I am taking what I am learning in this class and informing my pregnant relatives.  It is a pleasure…” ~Mary S.  

“I really appreciated having this class to help us through the birth of my third child. It was very helpful to feel empowered this time around. Even though we chose a hospital birth, we had many tools to use to ease labor and connect with our baby before he was even born.”  ~B. Anne Fricker, Mclean, VA

“This class finally gave words to what I had felt in my core for so long- that we are parents from conception forward and that our babies are real people with whom we form a relationship during pregnancy. We have so many ways we can create a loving, bonded relationship even before our babies are born- BEBE classes help us identify these opportunities. Plus, BEBE classes help parents prepare for labor and for life with the baby. It’s a wonderful, comprehensive course!”  ~Angelique Chelton, lactation counselor & midwifery student
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