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BEBE Childbirth Educator Certification Program (CBE)
(certified BEBE Educator)

Online Live Webinars, 3.0 Contact Hours (1 Hour Per Webinar)
Become a “Baby-Empowered Birthing Education” Certified Childbirth Educator offering women and babies an empowering, magical, enlightening, and passionate natural choice
for childbirth education, encouraging them to “experience, understand and enjoy” the Magic of Motherhood!
The BEBE Educator online course allows you the convenience and flexibility to study when and where you would like to! Help empower babies and mothers! Help make birthing a special, magical and enjoyable experience! Help encourage early learning and development and reduce the risk of trauma, mood and anxiety issues.
Students will work through the online lessons and readings at their own pace over a 12 week period. Students also take part in 3 online sessions with instructor led webinars.

• BEBE Childbirth Educator Certification Online Program:
• Certification: CBE (Certified BEBE Educator)
• Cost: $395 USD
• Attendance required:3 webinars, active communication in virtual classroom, facebook page and/or via email with classmates and instructor
• Length of Program: 12 weeks for online course plus an additional 6 months to complete additional requirements if necessary (total of 9 months).

Additional requirements:
• Reading of 5 books and or articles. Learners will write a summary on TWO articles OR ONE book from the required reading list regarding perinatal psychology and the inclusion of the baby in the birth process (details in the course materials).
• Observations with references: 1 series of childbirth education classes, 1 La Leche League meeting or visit with lactation consultant, 1 prenatal visit with a midwife or OB
• Birthing experience: attendance at 3 labor/births (at least 2 of the 3 must be out of hospital)
• Assignments: completion of lesson assignments throughout class, completion of 3 essay papers.
• Learning Assessments: completion of 2 exams with score of 85% or above
• Upon successful completion of the course, students will be
• awarded a certificate. Transcripts will be available upon request.

“BEBE for Birthworkers” BBW Route to Certification
(certified BEBE Educator)

BEBE for Birth Workers (BBW) is an abridged version of the BEBE Childbirth Educator certification course designed for birthworkers who already hold strength in the birth process, anatomy and physiology, labor, and some maternal psychology such as midwives, nurses, obstetricians as well as CERTIFIED childbirth educators and CERTIFIED doulas.
The focus on the BBW requirements includes the maternal/perinatal emotional and psychological aspects of pregnancy and childbirth including perinatal mood and anxiety issues as well as birth relaxations and visualizations, meditations, and prebirth bonding activities that help prepare the baby for birth and help to stimulate the bond, relationship, and understanding between mother and child en womb.
BBW is an online class designed to be completed in 1-3 months. There are 2 live webinars for the workshop, 6 lessons, each with a written assignment, and a final examination.

• Certification: CBE (Certified BEBE Educator)
• Cost: $197.50 USD
• Attendance required:2 webinars, active communication in virtual classroom, active communication with instructor
• Length of Program: 1-3 months for online course
Additional requirements:
• Summary of 1 perinatal psychology book from required reading list. May be a book previously read.
• Birthing experience: documentation of MD, RN, CPM, LM, CNM, or certified childbirth educator
• Assignments: completion of lesson assignments throughout class.
• Learning Assessments: completion of final exam with score of 85% or above


“BEBE International Ambassador”
Leaders from across the world helping to spread the message of Baby-Empowered Birthing Education,
recruiting interest, and sharing experiences through the BEBE network.
The mission our ambassadors includes sharing the importance of mental health for both mother and baby during pregnancy and birth, as well as the postpartum period. They also teach that BEBE birth can be a healing experience for those who have experienced trauma previously. Teaching the acceptance of the baby’s consciousness and awareness as well as the mother-baby connection is vital to being a BEBE International Ambassador.

• Certification: BIA (not a childbirth educator certification)
• Cost: $75
• Attendance required:1 webinar, active communication with instructor
• Length of Program: 1 week
Additional requirements:
• Application: Essay on “Why I want to be a”BEBE International Ambassador”
• Assessments: Final summary of learning modules

Ambassadors are required to attend annual BEBE Leadership teleconferences and share their experiences and outreach/education work. While they are in an active BIA status, they must share monthly outreach activities, discussions or advocacy reports

Ambassadors will get free materials to share, access to BEBE leadership trainings, newsletter,


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