What’s a BEBE Birth?

Developed by Dr. Jill Diana Chasse in the mid 90’s, BEBE birth is intended to respect, value and involve the womb-baby (prenate) from pregnancy through first nursing to help reduce the risk of trauma, perinatal mood and anxiety issues, and attachment problems for both mother and child and to increase bonding through a smooth transition to parenthood. Originally entitled ‘Magic of Motherhood birthing,’ Dr. Chasse’s method addresses the magic of love, connection, and early attachment shared between a mother and the baby in her womb. The philosophy behind the BEBE method focuses on the mental and emotional health for the mother and child throughout pregnancy and birthing and was founded on the core beliefs of perinatal psychology and maternal mental health- disciplines that are concerned with the physical and emotional health of children and mothers.

Baby-Empowered Birthing Education involves the teachings of the natural childbirth founding fathers, Doctors Frederick Leboyer and Grantly Dick-Read, the perinatal psychology teachings and research from Doctors David B. Chamberlain and Thomas Verny (leaders in birth psychology and health) as well as maternal psychology, hypnotherapy relaxations & visualizations and peaceful, gentle birthing methods. The key concepts of a BEBE birth are “Experiencing, Understanding and Enjoying” your pregnancy, labor and delivery through emotional support, empowering yourself, and empowering your baby.

In a BEBE birth, babies are recognized and included as

an integral part of a healthy birth process!

To support the psychological and physical health of the whole family, Certified BEBE Educators:

•  teach that pregnancy and birth are normal physiological processes, not medical events even when birthing in a hospital

•  teach states of consciousness and awareness of the womb baby

•  focus on the body-mind-spirit connection of the womb baby from conception through birth

•  provide parents with information on birth options and encourage them to be as knowledgeable as possible

•  do not give medical advice but refer to resources such as books, appropriate studies and or published materials

•  provide resources and research-based information through educational classes for the parents. Included is information on movement, positioning, relaxation, ritual, visualization, self hypnosis, psychological preparation and emotional mastery techniques, comfort measures,   breathing techniques, alternative therapeutic modalities and how to help parents to communicate with their caregivers

•  support low-interventional  birth, but also recognize that level of birth intervention is an individual decision

•  encourage vocal self-expression, including intoning, and support that giving up conscious control is part of the best birth

•  encourage and support early contact with infant and breastfeeding

•  provide women with realistic knowledge about their options during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum so that they can establish realistic expectations

Baby Empowered Birthing Education is ICEA accredited and is a Birthpower approved childbirth education class!

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